This is the list of deities for this campaign. You may find they are somewhat… familiar.
Deity          Alignment     Domains                      Symbol                  Weapon

Basileus    LG               Life                          Lion w/ crown                        Shield
god of creation and justice 

Cirric         CN              Tempest                 Sailing ship                               Javelin
goddess of storms and trade

Hallock       CG              War                          Crossed Mauls                        Maul
god of war and freedom   

Ithe           CE               War                          Greataxe w/ rotting handle  Greataxe
god of war and decay 

Maglor     NG             Nature                      Man w/ bull’s head                Flail
god of agriculture and art

Oakseed   NE              Trickery                    Snake circling acorn              Dagger
god of deception and luck

Toranaga  LN               Light                        Yellow and purple sunburst Longbow
god of sun and honor 

Vokreen    LE                Death                      Fanged skull                            Whip
​​​​​​​god of undeath 

The Wanderer  Unaligned  Knowledge        White circle in gray field Morningstar
​​​​​​​goddess of mysteries


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